Outdoor porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for garden design

28 November 2018

When it comes to garden design, outdoor porcelain tiles are really beginning to make an impact. With their inherent beauty and extreme versatility, exterior porcelain tiles are becoming a must-have for more and more landscaping projects.

Digby Porcelain Gigante Greige tiles in outdoor patio

While stunning as a choice for paving or a patio, external porcelain tiles are also highly versatile, lending themselves to creative ideas around the garden – from steps to an alternative to timber decking.

The low-down on outdoor porcelain tiles

Made using the same process as those used inside the home, porcelain patio slabs are fired at a high temperature to cause vitrification – this means the silica in the mixture melts to form molten glass particles, which fills in any tiny gaps in the structure of the tile. This is what gives them their extreme durability. Being a manmade material means porcelain offers a whole host of benefits that you don’t get with natural stone or concrete.

External porcelain tiles for strength, durability and ease of care

Pavestone ceramic dolomite patio tiles with-furniture

Porcelain is far denser than other materials, which means it’s resilient to the weather extremities outside areas have to endure. Unlike natural stone that is susceptible to cracking through frost damage and allows mould and algae to become established, outdoor porcelain tiles don’t draw in any moisture for this to happen. As well as being stain and scratch resistant, porcelain garden tiles will also stand the test of time when it comes to the fading effects of the sun. Generally available in 20mm porcelain tiles, the strength of this type of paving means it will withstand heavy footfall and stay looking beautiful for many years to come. When it comes to cleaning, a simple sweep or light wash is all that’s needed.

Stylish statement making outdoor porcelain tiles

Digby Porcelain Regale Scout Smoke stone effect tiles

Whether contemporary or traditional, there are porcelain garden slabs to suit every style of property. With technology allowing for amazing replications of real wood and natural stone, you can enjoy the beauty of these materials in any outside space, with the longevity and low maintenance of porcelain. Down to the colour shading and intricate detailing of wood grains and stone veining, exterior porcelain tiles are an exceptionally realistic alternative.

Digby porcelain brown wood effect patio tiles

At AWBS we have a stunning range from Bradstone, Digby and Pavestone, in a variety of colours, textures and effects. Timber effect porcelain paving is a fabulous way to create a stunning patio or decking area, with the subtle surface texture mimicking timber and enhancing the appearance. The Digby Wood planks are just one of the wonderful choices we have on offer, with beautiful natural tones. Our stone effect porcelain garden slabs come in either a smooth honed finish, which has a slightly textured surface for grip, or a subtly riven surface for the look of split natural stone. The Pavestone Al Fresco is one of many gorgeous styles available, in four magnificent colours.

The versatility of porcelain garden tiles

Digby Grigioni porcelain stone effect patio tiles

Outdoor porcelain tiles have a slim profile, making them ideal for places where other materials may be too chunky or heavy. And, generally straight edged and uniform in size, you can have narrow grout lines for a sleek finish. As they are easy to cut, you can create a chic patio, pathway, driveway or even a roof terrace, seating area or stepping stones – the possibilities are endless thanks to the extreme versatility and stylish nature of porcelain.

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