Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round with Artificial Grass

27 August 2019

At AWBS Landscaping we’ve seen a huge surge in the popularity of artificial grass installation over the past few years. And given how attractive, realistic, durable, hygienic and low-maintenance an artificial lawn is… it’s no wonder!

Artificial grass lawn installed as part of a complete garden makeover by AWBS Landscaping in Oxford

Advances in technology have completely revolutionised the concept of artificial grass (once known as plastic grass!). So much so, it can be hard to distinguish a good artificial lawn from the real thing (apart from the lack of mowing, of course!). So, why are more and more families choosing artificial grass? Here are some of the reasons we’ve been tasked with laying artificial grass for many happy customers.

Easy to look after

If you ever feel that ten minutes after you’ve mown your lawn it looks like it’s grown again already – then you’re not alone. Artificial grass is unbelievably low maintenance. In fact, it requires almost none at all! For debris and dirt that accumulates on the surface, you can simply give it a little sweep or hose down. However you choose to keep it looking clean and tidy, you will never need to mow, strim, water or weed again! This, in turn, frees up space in your shed or garage, as most of your bulky gardening tools will be redundant.

Highly durable

An artificial lawn is exceptionally hard wearing – whatever the weather – and it won’t become worn in high-traffic areas. There’s also no need to worry about furniture or other things, such as trampolines and paddling pools, blocking out the sun and causing bare or discoloured patches.

Great for kids

Artificial grass provides the perfect all year round play surface for children and pets

Whatever the time of year, your children (and you!) can enjoy playing in the garden. While rain will obviously get your artificial lawn wet, it drains quickly and doesn’t create pools of water and mud that takes forever to dry, like real turf does. On a dry winter’s day you can enjoy your garden as much as you do in the summer! Kids can play, you can BBQ at any time and when it snows, your snowman will be bright white, not tainted with mud and dirt!

Pet friendly

Cats, dogs and other pets can really spoil a garden. Whether it’s digging, going to the toilet or just generally coming and going. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about hygiene as you can pick up any poop and hose the area down, using disinfectant if you want to, and it won’t have any detrimental effect on your lawn. And, you’ll no longer need to worry about mucky paw prints being an unwelcome addition to your interior décor.

Looks perfect whatever the weather

Winter, spring, summer, autumn… your garden will look perfectly green and luscious all year round. No bald patches, no mud, no weeds, nothing but a lovely green and welcoming view.

Fake grass provides the perfect rich green lawn all year round

Cost effective

You won't need to apply fertilisers to fake grass, so it’s kinder on your pocket (and the environment). And, because you don't need to water it, an artificial lawn is ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas, and means savings if you have a water meter. You’ll also save on time, as well as up-keep costs – a great solution if maintenance isn't possible or practical. And, artificial grass isn’t as expensive as you might think. Our sister company, AWBS Building and Landscaping Supplies offers a range from the market leading brands, starting from just £18 per square metre.

Fitting artificial grass

While it is possible to lay artificial grass yourself, it really is worth investing in professional services to ensure it’s done properly and will give you a beautiful lawn to enjoy for years to come. At AWBS Landscaping we have years of experience in installing artificial grass and we’re always happy to talk to you about your specific project. You can also look at some of our previous artificial grass installations by clicking here.

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