Cleaning & Caring For Your Patio Slabs

30 June 2020

Whatever kind of paving you choose for your garden, it will need some basic looking after to protect it from the elements and keep it looking its best. There are lots of low-maintenance materials available to reduce the time and effort you spend in looking after your patio slabs, but you will still need to do a little work.

Keeping your patio clean will keep it looking smart and new for years to come

The good news is; even neglected paving can be given a new lease of life if you use the right techniques and products. Here’s a guide to cleaning and looking after your garden paving.

Getting rid of weeds from your patio

Removing weeds and repairing pointing is the first stage in patio care

Weeds are determined and will find any way they can to grow. While this is a pain, they are fairly easy to deal with and this is the first thing you need to do before you start to clean your paving slabs. Most can be pulled out or scraped out of paving (easiest done after some rain) and once they’ve gone, regular brushing will disturb them before they have chance to establish and should help to keep them away.

Cleaning your paving slabs

Washing up liquid and a brush is a good place to start when it comes to cleaning paving slabs. Swill the soapy water over the surface and loosen the dirt by scrubbing with the brush. Be careful with using power washers as they can sometimes damage the slabs and jointing. There are also specialist products you can use that are designed for certain kinds of materials and will be tough on stains and also protect your paving.

Cleaning a patio with a pressure washer and patio attachment

Lithofin cleaners and stain removers are ideal for cleaning, maintaining and protecting natural stone and concrete paving. Lithofin Power Clean is recommended for all types of natural stone and can be used for thorough cleaning and regular maintenance. If you have patio slabs that are stained, Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner is perfect for dealing with dark deposits and can restore all types of natural paving to its original colour. Lithofin Stain Stop is good to use after you’ve cleaned your patio, as it will help to prevent further staining and make on-going maintenance a lot easier.

Patio slab sealers

Lithofin sealers protect paving from dirt and staining

Weather extremities and general use of a busy garden can have an impact on your paving, so a sealant is a good idea to help protect it. For long lasting protection of natural stone and concrete, Geo-Fix Stone Protector is a great option as it’s highly effective and won’t alter the colour or appearance of your stone. You could also use Lithofin Colour Intensifier, which contains colour-intensifying components and will penetrate the surface of your stone or concrete paving, helping to repel water and protect against stains.

Repairing patio jointing

Brush in jointing compound is an easy and effective way to repair paving joints

Even with regular maintenance, the jointing of paving can loosen and crack over time, and you should repair this to ensure the longevity of your patio area. Brush-in jointing compounds are a hassle-free way to keep your paving in good shape. Easyjoint makes for a strong, yet flexible joint, and is available in five colours to either match your paving or provide a stylish contrast. For a multi-jointing and repair compound, Pointfix is the perfect solution, you simply mix together the epoxy resin and epoxy hardener and brush into the gaps.

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