Important Covid-19 Information for Customers

AWBS Landscaping is open and our team our now working on customer projects. Due to Covid-19 and Government guidelines, we have implemented measures and working practices to maintain social distancing and public safety, while providing as normal service as possible. You can read more about the measures we have taken below, if you have questions, please contact us

Company measures

Until further notice we can only undertake projects for customers if our staff can access the garden or site without physically entering the home.  We have carried out a thorough review of our safety and working practices under Covid-19 and our staff have been fully briefed.  Company measures include

  • Guidance to staff regarding social distancing, working on site and the use of PPE
  • A ban on AWBS Landscaping employees entering customers’ homes or accepting any refreshments and procedures for communicating with customers on site
  • A ban on more than one member of staff at a time travelling in company vehicles
  • Increased cleaning of vehicles and tools
  • Installation of portable toilets on every site
  • Weekly site spot checks to check that staff are following guidelines and have the equipment they require
  • Monthly review of Covid-19 working procedures and PPE stock levels

Staff safety

Our staff have been fully briefed on the measures we are taking to protect them and customers.  Protective gloves, face masks, and hand sanitiser have been provided and regular handwashing is encouraged.  Social distancing, between staff members and customers with be practised where possible and facemasks will be used where distancing cannot be maintained. Staff are not permitted to enter the home or premises of any customer and refreshments and food will not be accepted. 

If staff feel that they cannot carry out their work without putting themselves or customers at risk, we reserve the right to pause works until appropriate arrangements can be made. In the unlikely event that we pause works, we will contact customers to discuss issues and suggest workable solutions.

Customer safety & working at your home

The safety measures we have implemented are intended to maintain social distancing wherever possible and minimise the risks to customers while providing a full and timely service.  Staff will not enter customers’ homes and we can only undertake projects where we can gain access to site without entering client’s homes or premises at the current time.

Staff have been fully briefed on social distancing and company safety measures. Personal protective equipment has been issued to all staff and vehicles are stocked. To facilitate social distancing, only one member of staff is permitted to travel in any of our vehicles until further notice. Weekly spot checks will be carried out across all our sites to ensure that staff are following working practices and observing social distancing where possible. 

Staff will observe social distancing between themselves, customers, and the public wherever practical and possible.  Where social distancing cannot be maintained masks will be worn. Portaloo’s will be installed on all sites and staff have been instructed not to accept any food or drinks from customers.

Should customers and our staff need to communicate while on site, the team leader responsible for the project will call the customer via mobile phone.  Allowing communication between customers and our teams without the need for customers to leave the safety and comfort of their home.

If you have questions about our Covid-19 safety and working practices or have questions about your own project, please do contact us

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