Tuscany Sandstone Patio & Retaining Wall

Client Requirements:

New sandstone patio and sleeper retaining wall

Products Used:

  • AWBS sandstone paving in Tuscany colour - 30m2
  • Softwood treated sleepers - 11no.

Time Frame:

6 days

Smart new curved Tuscany sandstone patio installed in an unused area of garden behind a garage.

This recent patio renovation in Kennington, Oxfordshire proved a logistical challenge. The remit was to renovate the area behind the clients’ garage and lay down a brand-new patio. But we first had to overcome the raised ground level of the next-door neighbour’s garden, as well as the natural slope of the client’s garden.

Our solution was to deal with the slope by using a retaining wall made from softwood sleepers. This freed up space for a neat, simple patio – a far cry from the jumble of paving stones, bedding, and neglected plants that came before.

For the patio, the homeowners were keen on light-coloured paving stones. They picked out AWBS’s own Sandstone Paving Slabs in Tuscany colouring, boasting deep orange and terracotta tones in a mix of four sizes. Our installers laid a full 30 square metres, cutting the slabs at the borders to suit the curved shape of the lawn and bedding.

After six days’ work, we had transformed the whole area from an unloved spot into a beautiful new patio. The homeowners were delighted with new paving, as well as the softwood treated sleepers ethically sourced from spruce and pine.

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