Small Sunken Sandstone Patio

Client Requirements:

A small sunken sandstone patio and paved area for an arbour

Products Used:

  • Pavestone sandstone in Deanery finish - 15 m2
  • Dapple Light bricks
  • Pavestone Pointfix in grey

Time Frame:

5 days

With the request from an Oxford resident for a rear sunken patio and a separate area to accommodate an arbour, the AWBS Landscaping team were happy to assist.

The client’s garden had a natural slope we had to overcome in order to create the sunken patio so we set to work preparing the site. Then we installed the small patio using 15m2 of Pavestone’s Tudor Antique Deanery paving slabs in a random pattern. This sterling sandstone paving choice incorporates typical shades from creamy buff to tan and has a tumbled finish for a traditional look.

Steps leading up to the main path and dwarf retaining walls made from LBC Dapple Light bricks, for a soft light grey look but a hardwearing structure, were also added. The finishing touch was decorative post and rope fencing to complement the new patio and provide a VIP feel to the outside space.

The other side of the new flowerbeds, we created a second small patio area using the same Pavestone paving slabs and light grey Pointfix. This part of the new garden design is a housing for an arbour seat with trailing plants, which will be installed at a later date.

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