New Brindle Block Paved Driveway

Client Requirements:

Replace worn tarmac driveway with new bridle colour block paving and install two new soak away drains

Products Used:

  • Brett Omega block paving in brindle colour with charcoal border - 80m2

Time Frame:

8 days

This recent project in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, called for a complete overhaul of an old driveway. The homeowners had grown fed up of the tired-looking tarmac and instead wanted a modern block paved solution. The result is an immaculate new driveway that has drastically improved the property’s kerb appeal.

During our initial site survey, we noticed that the driveway was on a gentle slope down towards the property. Unless we were to install a drainage solution, it was obvious that a heavy downpour (or an afternoon cleaning the car!) would result in unsightly puddles forming along the house. As such, our recommendation to the homeowners was to install new rainwater channels all the way along the front of the building. This would collect any run-off water from new driveway and keep the property free from standing water.

Our installation team dug up the entire old driveway using a digger and safely disposed of the debris. Next, we installed two soakaways in the middle of the driveway to connect to the rainwater channels. The main part of the project involved laying 80 square metres of Brindle colour block paving that the homeowners had selected from the popular Brett Omega range. We also installed a retaining border course in charcoal to round off the edges of the driveway. Finally, we put in the Aco Hexdrain Panels along the house to collect run-off water.

We enjoyed paving around the old well feature towards the side – it certainly brings a signature look to the driveway! In total the project took eight days to complete, but the results were more than worth the time it took.

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