Granite Paving & Decorative Shingle

Client Requirements:

Replace existing paving with a larger granite patio and decorative shingle

Products Used:

  • Granite paving slabs in Cinder colour – 45m2
  • Ember granite setts for patio edging
  • 8-11mm Multi Mix decorative shingle

Time Frame:

1 week

Over the course of one week, AWBS Landscaping replaced the existing patio of this Oxfordshire new-build with a larger patio area to create a more pleasing outdoor space.

Though this client had purchased a reasonably newly built property in Chilton, Oxfordshire, they wanted a more expansive patio area to the rear that would create a more cohesive garden design with space for planters so they called on the expertise of our landscaping team.

After assessing the space and the client’s needs, we decided to install granite paving slabs in beautiful buff Cinder and used random patterning of different sized slabs to create more visual interest while complementing the property’s natural stone walling. The granite paving slabs were edged with 200 Digby Grantite Setts in Ember, a stone of mottled neutrals, for a softer tumbled effect to contrast with the clean and contemporary looking main paving stones.

The result was a larger patio to the rear of the house, which extends in an L-shape from the patio doors and around the right-hand boundary of the garden. We added a flower bead in the corner, which will look fantastic once in bloom. The main paving area is also juxtaposed with Multi Mix decorative gravel of various sizes (8-11mm) and black, white and red angular chips. As a finishing touch, we included granite paving stepping stones to the gravel area to accommodate plants in pots.

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