Brett Beta Block Paved Drive

Client Requirements:

Replace existing block paving with new Brett Beta Trio Silver Haze block paving, install new drainage to prevent rain water flooding the garage and create a new step and ramp to the front door of the property.

Products Used:

  • Brett Beta Trio - Silver Haze
  • AWBS Noire limestone paving
  • Aco drainage channels

Time Frame:

6 days

Smart new Brett Beta block paving provides much need additional parking

When an Oxfordshire customer wanted to replace and extend their existing driveway with a neat new block paved surface for improved parking and drainage options, AWBS Landscaping made their dreams come true in just six days.

As well as needing extra off-road parking at the front of the property, these homeowners needed us to right an historic drainage issue where surface water had been running into the garage and causing flooding during heavy rain. 

No more flooded garage

To correct the drainage problem, we selected Brett Beta block paving, which – compared to alternative paving options – is more porous and provides an area for water to rest when it rains heavily. Instead of creating a surface water issue, the paving material draws water in and helps to prevent flooding by facilitating drainage.

For extra protection from excess water, our skilled landscapers created a compound fall to the new driveway surface. This directs surface water across and down the drive to Aco rainwater channels. These channels run across the front of the garage and surrounding area to a new soakaway beneath the drive. 

A smart new driveway with additional parking

The existing flower beds were incorporated into the new drive design and Brett Beta Trio block paving in Silver Haze colour was chosen for the project. The block paving was installed in a random linear pattern inside a single width running course border for a contemporary finish. Also, new sleek black steps and a paved ramp were created for access to the front door of the property.  Check out our project photos to see the driveway construction process and pleasing final result. 

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