Attractive Grid Pattern Patio

Client Requirements:

New driveway, rear patio and artificial grass

Products Used:

  • Block Paving (Driveway and front paths) - Brett Aura stone block paving in Bronze Fleck colour – 35m2
  • Rear garden stone paving – clients existing paving cleaned and re-layed
  • Block paved edging grid for rear paving - Brett Aura stone block paving in Bronze Fleck colour
  • Artificial turf – 20m2

Time Frame:

43 days in total

Tasked with relaying existing concrete paving and adding new block paved driveway edging, the AWBS Landscaping team jumped at the chance to get their experienced hands on this Oxfordshire property.

With a vision to renovate all paved areas in their garden and driveway, the client explained the landscaping works would need to be phased over 12-18 months and carried out in sequence. This was not a problem.

The front garden design and driveway renovation called for the use of Brett Aura block paving. For the rear garden, we lifted the existing buff paving slabs that had been previously refreshed with a pressure washer by the client. We then relayed the concrete paving in a grid style using the Brett Aura block paving to form gridlines and create a fresh look that really lifts this outdoor space.

Though the photos below only show the Brett Aura block paving for the rear garden, phases of the complete landscaping works for this Oxford property were as follows:

  1. Driveway – Over two days, we provided a new block paved driveway solution using Brett Aura stone block paving in bronze fleck.
  2. Front Garden – For the next three days, we provided Brett Aura block paving to the front garden.
  3. Side Garden – The next phase took 14 days and involved the careful installation of the gridline solution to the 40m2 area.
  4. Rear Garden – Almost double the surface area, providing the gridline solution to the back of the property took 24 days.
  5. Artificial Grass – Replacing the existing lawn (20m2) with artificial grass solution took just one day.

We love that this new block paved driveway and garden patio is flourishing with functionality and flair.

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